Sustainable growth at the heart of your clinical team

Commissioning needs Transformation

The emergence of new NHS organisations centred around general practice membership has created a pressing need for clinical leaders able to make a difference in what is an increasingly challenging environment. Such clinical leaders will be highly adaptable; they will challenge outdated traditions, change unhelpful rules and harness creativity; and, by definition, they will stand out from the crowd. How, though, can a Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) best recognise, support and develop such individuals?

Our Transformation programme brings together individual and team development with strategic alignment. By focusing on the purposeful, relevant and practical challenges faced by CCGs including the need to address the significantly changing roles of clinicians/managers/executives, we enable rapid, sustainable growth from the heart of the team – thereby improving performance and associated financial and service outcomes.

Our programme nurtures the mindset, skills and behaviours that your CCG needs to go from good to great.  Starting with the inner ‘Executive’ team, participants will learn to develop true individual and collective leadership to create the future. As such, they will see how to disrupt the status quo, initiate big ideas, build collaboration, excel in execution and learn collectively. As a result of this approach, organisations see sustained changes in behaviour and culture that are infectious.

Transformation in 6 months

Transformation aims to produce demonstrable improvements in performance within 6 months. Crucially, we understand that to be of value the programme must enable clinicians to fully participate; it is designed so that they can continue their clinical work with minimal disruption.

In Months One to Four, to accelerate their leadership development, participants enrol in an intensive 1:1 programme.

Each team member has five 3-hour individual development sessions with the following objectives:

  • explore and identify the individual’s motivation to change;
  • facilitation to let go of old and inhibiting habits;
  • development of the mindset, skills and behaviours required to maximise personal effectiveness;
  • aligning the individual to the CCGs strategic framework.

In Month One, participants define the organisation’s challenges using psychometric and feedback instruments, they work with Hart Associates to create the Business Assessment that is a blueprint for the organisation’s Transformation. This Assessment will require CCG members and other staff nominated by the CCG to each have a 90-minute telephone discussion with a member of our team. These interviews and discussions will identify the key themes and challenges to be distilled and fed back to the whole CCG team in Month Two.

In Month Two, the inner ‘Executive’ team attend a workshop delivered over a 2-day period organised around clinician commitments, for example, lunchtime on day 1 to lunchtime on day 2. Focusing on the desired results in their CCG’s Transformation Blueprint, they develop and confirm their strategic framework, identifying their transformation goals and strategic imperatives.

This framework is the bridge between ideas, execution and results. It incorporates the shared creation of vision, mission, strategic priorities, shared goals, initiatives and imperatives.

In Month Three, the team attend a 2-day workshop, again organised to allow for clinical practice, to align values, build collaboration and learn how to embed a culture of innovation. Without collaboration, innovation remains stuck. Only with the open sharing of information, experiences and learning does innovation turn from an idea into a business result.

In Month Four, the team reviews results, identifies learning and sets out to embed innovation. Great innovation often comes from difference and in this phase, the vision is re-established and differences worked through.

In Month Five & Six,withthe CCGs key initiatives and imperatives agreed, roles and responsibilities are assigned according to individuals’ strengths and talents and detailed action plans are agreed.